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Entrust PKI

Proposed Baring ASSET MANAGEMENT Solution (Entrust)

This section provides a high level overview of the proposed architecture to support the requirements outlined by Baring Asset Management. It positions the various products and explains how they meet each requirement.

Entrust proposes a PKI and supporting applications that support the Baring Asset Management requirement for secure e-mail. The main components of Entrust/PKI proposed to meet the requirements are as follows:

Proposed Core Solution Components

Entrust/Authority - Provides automated key and certificate lifecycle management for the Entrust infrastructure

Entrust/RA - Performs Entrust-related administrative tasks that can be scaled to meet a specific organizations' requirements

Entrust/AutoRA - This allows large user groups to register and recover their digital certificates in a scalable and cost-effective way

Entrust/Roaming - lets you establish groups of users who may only: log in to their desktop, who may only perform roaming login, or who may work as a desktop user or as a roaming user.

Entrust/Entelligence - Enables end-users to benefit from comprehensive security without requiring an understanding of the complexities of public key cryptography. Includes Entrust/SignOn.

Entrust/Express - This is a plug in for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook clients that allows users to exchange S/MIME compliant email with other users, using Entrust certificates.

Entrust/WebConnector - This is an optional component of Entrust/PKI. It issues Web certificates to off-the-shelf Web browsers to enable encrypted e-mail.

PeerLogic Live Content Directory - the repository for digital certificates, revocation and policy information.

Recommended Additional Components

Entrust/ICE - This software provides multiple layers of encryption security to Microsoft® Windows® 95 and Microsoft® Windows NT®.

Entrust/Access - A VPN solution enabling secure remote access using strong authentication provided by digital certificates.

Entrust/Timestamp - This works with Entrust/PKI™ to provide a trustworthy record of the date and time of a digital signature.

Entrust/TruePass - A 'zero footprint' web security and privacy solution that provides form submission application layer digital signing and encryption capabilities.


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