Entrust Post Quantum

(Compiled and produced by Steve Monti SafeCipher.com)

Crypto-Agility and Quantum Algorithm Upgrade using Entrust (Thales) HSMs.

SafeCipher can help you understand the Entrust nShield Post-Quantum Software Development Kit (SDK) and how it enables post-quantum cryptographic applications for nShield HSMs.

If your considering upgrading your  Entrust (Thales) HSM hardware to the latest firmware version or buying new HSM hardware, be sure you have a future-proof plan to substitute Classical Algorithms with Quantum Algorithms when the Quantum Breakthrough happens.  

If you haven’t considered this crucial cryptographic agility requirement, you could have major problems if you have built your PKI with long validity periods using RSA & ECDSA keys for your Root and Subordinate CAs. SafeCipher deals with this problem by leveraging the CodeSafe Post-Quantum (PQ) SDK for enhanced key protection using quantum algorithms.

CodeSafe is available with all FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified nShield Solo PCIe and network-attached nShield Connect HSMs​​. This compatibility extends to the nShield Connect XC HSM series, which includes models such as the XC Base, XC Mid, and XC High. The CodeSafe SDK allows for the development and deployment of custom applications within the secure boundary of the HSM, supporting various operating systems including Windows and RHEL, and deployment on AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris platforms.

If you are using or planning to acquire an nShield Connect HSM that is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, you should be able to use the CodeSafe SDK with it. This capability is particularly important for organizations looking to implement or upgrade to quantum-resistant algorithms, as it allows for the secure integration of such advanced cryptographic functions within the HSM environment.

Implementing a solution that uses advanced cryptographic techniques like those provided by Entrust nShield Connect HSMs and the CodeSafe PQ SDK is a complex but crucial step in preparing your cryptographic infrastructure for the quantum computing era.


Contact SafeCipher for help on how to use CodeSafe SDK and advice on HSM crypto-agility.