Cryptography Bill of Materials (CBOM) Creation

Our service utilizes CodeQL as a primary tool to conduct thorough audits and help organizations identify vulnerabilities in their cryptographic practices that may be susceptible to quantum attacks.

This tool extends our comprehensive Infrastructure Audit into all areas of code and cryptographic libraries


Comprehensive Cryptographic Audit

Our consultancy leverages CodeQL’s powerful static analysis capabilities to scan through vast codebases, assessing both on-premises and cloud deployments to identify the cryptographic algorithms currently in use. We utilize CodeQL to create and run custom queries designed to detect legacy cryptographic methods that quantum computing could compromise.

Cryptography Bill of Materials (CBOM) Creation

By employing CodeQL, we assist organizations in generating a detailed CBOM. This step is vital in cataloging all cryptographic elements within their systems, offering a clear picture of potential risk areas. We create abstract models in CodeQL to represent cryptographic components and extend these to accommodate the unique APIs used across different applications.

Variant Analysis for Deep Insight

Our team uses CodeQL’s variant analysis to perform multi-repository searches, revealing even the most obscure dependencies that could harbour vulnerable cryptographic implementations. This depth of analysis is essential for a full understanding of an organization’s software supply chain, particularly with the prevalence of open-source code and complex dependency trees.

Actionable Recommendations for Cryptographic Agility

Post-audit, we provide organizations with a strategic plan outlining steps to instil cryptographic agility. This includes the adoption of quantum-resistant algorithms and the restructuring of cryptographic standards.

CodeQL’s detailed outputs enable us to offer precise recommendations for code amendments and the integration of more robust cryptographic measures.

Workflow Integration and Continuous Monitoring

We integrate CodeQL into the organization’s development workflow for ongoing monitoring and assessment, ensuring that any new code is compliant with post-quantum cryptographic standards.

Continuous monitoring and periodic reassessments are recommended to maintain cryptographic security against evolving quantum threats.


Benefits to Organizations Seeking Consultancy Services with SafeCipher


Leveraging our consultancy’s expertise with CodeQL to navigate the transition to quantum-safe cryptography reduces an organization’s risk exposure significantly.


CodeQL’s scalability means that we can audit and analyse large and complex codebases quickly, saving time and resources.


The CBOM we generate provides organizations with a clear and comprehensive overview of their cryptographic footprint.


Our recommendations based on CodeQL’s analysis ensure that organizations are not only prepared for current threats but are also ahead of the curve in quantum risk mitigation.

As consultants, we provide a bridge between current cryptographic practices and the future of secure computing in a quantum world.

Utilizing CodeQL’s robust capabilities, we stand ready to assist organizations in bolstering their defences against the impending quantum revolution.